Yield protocol – An auto-stake, auto-compound type token

Yield protocol is an auto-stake, auto-compound type token. The main idea is simple. You hold you receive tokens in your wallet.

Yield protocol’s Highlights

Yield protocol is an auto-stake, auto-compound type token. You might have heard this already, but this is not your usual APY token. In fact, this is unique and the first of its kind, because it… WORKS. More about that later.

The main idea is simple. You hold you receive tokens in your wallet.

Yield protocol will be the first Alpha-Tier project on GemPad as well.

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Yield protocol’s Product

YIELD: The yield protocol is unique and the first of its kind it has many reasons.

  • Yield protocol will actually reward you by holding.
  • They created a dynamic APY, which will gradually increase from 0% up to 150% if you hold. You start with 0% and every day you gain more APY%. Let’s see an example: You buy tokens on day 0. You hold for 1 day. Now your APY is 15%. By the end of the second day it will be 30% and so on. If you sell more than 15% of what you hold, the timer will reset, so sell responsibly! This is to incentivize holding and try to teach everyone to sell responsibly. Yield Protocol not saying you can’t sell at all, just don’t sell more than 15% of your tokens.
  • Created a lower tax for those who sell responsibly. The default tax will be 3% buy, 6% sell (still under 10%!!), but if you don’t sell more than 15% every 3 days, your taxes are going to be 2% and 5%.

Each of these traits is unique, not copied from anywhere, all created here first. The plan is to set a new trend after all!

Everyone who receives tokens will start at level 1. If you don’t sell more than 15% of your balance within 2 days (which can be adjusted later) you will advance a level every 12 hours! Maximum level is 100. Let the grind begin!

This new feature serves two purposes:

  • Incentivize holding, having a metric to track loyalty.
  • Make it more sustainable.

Yield protocol - An auto-stake, auto-compound type token

The problem that Yield protocol solves

What is APY? It’s annual yield percentage. If APY is 100%, that means you will have 2x by the end of the year. So you might have seen APYs promised by other projects like $SAFU, $Titano, and their forks. It was a huge trend to promise exceptional gains, for example, Titano offers 102,483.58% APY. There is a reason behind this insane number: it does not work.
They abuse the naiveness of the average investor to lure them in with high numbers and in reality the APY you gain by buying and holding these tokens is exactly 0%. You gain more tokens, but they are not worth any more than before gaining them…
In short: Yield protocol fixed this issue with their tokens and this is how Yield Protocol came to life…

Yield protocol’s Solution

APY system của Yield Protocol is the first of its kind, based on the popular APY tokens (eg. $TITANO, $SAFU), where Yield Protocol FIXED the fundamental flaw inside their contracts (which by the way meant that you didn’t gain any value from their promised APY)! Yield Protocol keeps it sustainable because we are planning for the LONG term.

Regarding the APY, the future plan is to have a DAO built on top of Yield, that will be able to govern it, so they left it adjustable.

Yield Protocol also has a low tax system (2% buy- 5% sell) appealing to whales in the space that will generate volume and a loyal die-hard cult army! Yield Protocol team’s strength lies in marketing, with connections to Hotbit, youtube influencers, Indonesian marketing, and well-known BSC channels!! Once the marketing machine starts up, you bet that everyone will hear of us! Yield Protocol has a ton of surprises on the way, they can’t give away too much but join us on our mission and we’ll make it worth your time.

Introducing a Tier system for the APY! From tier1 to tier100. Advance to Tier 100 to receive the max APY. You can advance a tier every 12 hours, by not selling more than 15% of your tokens within 1 day.

Yield protocol’s Business Model







  • Big boy Billy: Co-founder, DEV. He realized the mistake of the mentioned APY contracts and founded Yield. He is an experienced developer, working for Shibnobi as a lead developer, behind the scenes.
  • Blake: Marketing Head, Co-founder. Expert at marketing, very well connected, and always thinks of something to push the project harder and get more exposure.


  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000
  • Taxes: Buy 2%, Sell 5%.
  • Buy tax breakdown: 1% liquidity, 1% marketing
  • Sell tax breakdown: 1% liquidity, 4% marketing
  • Team tokens: 5%

Yield Protocol has very low taxes to appeal to whales and generate as much volume as possible.

Yield protocol - An auto-stake, auto-compound type token-1

Road map

Before Launch:

  • Heavy marketing, partnerships
  • CMC prelisting
  • Audit, KYC done
  • Presale of 400 BNB filled
  • TG 9000 members

After Launch:

  • Post-launch marketing campaign
  • Billboards
  • More partnerships
  • Articles
  • Youtube,twitter,tiktok influencers
  • Getting and ambassador
  • Release DAO
  • Release the Yield Bridge
  • NFT collection (ETH)
  • More to come…

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