What is Wombat? Learn solutions, products and Token WOMBAT

Wombat is the most effective way for gamers to join experience Web3 games. With learn what is Wombat? Solutions, products and WOMBAT Tokens.

Wombat’s Highlights

Bringing millions of gamers into Web 3:

  • Wombat is the most effective way for gamers to join and experience Web 3 games. It is the only App a gamer needs to discover & play high-quality Web 3 games and to access & interact with NFTs on all major blockchains
  • Annual run rate of $3M in revenue with over 1.2M NFTs minted
  • Over 2.6m signed up users / 300k monthly active users/ 65k daily active users / 77K+ Discord members
  • 40 AA/AAA games on the Platform / 20 partner AA/AAA studios

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Wombat’s Product

The place that brings millions of gamers from Web 2 into Web 3 by offering the smoothest NFT experience at the nexus of both worlds

Wombat today offers the best of Web 2 and Web 3 by providing access to AA/AAA games, where fun is at the core of the experience instead of earning. While at the same time investing in developing the Web 3 discovery and making it as smooth as possible for gamers.

Wombat ecosystem delivers on premium Web 3 gaming experience through:

  • The Wombat wallet: For the best performance in games and easiest assets handling. Tailored to gamers, it offers premium UX focused on their needs and wants.
  • The Womplay loyalty system: Rewarding users with NFTs and crypto for playing AA/AAA games
  • The Top 20 Web 3 game Wombat Dungeon Master: Propelling additional utility for player’s NFTs under the premise that gaming is always about fun and entertaining.

Wombat provides gamers with all complementary tools to navigate through the new possibilities of Web 3:

  • New games that offer cryptocurrencies or NFTs as an incentivization and monetization mechanism for their gaming efforts
  • Store, manage, transfer and interact with these digital assets
  • Share game progress and NFTs with their gaming community and/or gamer friends
  • Trade, lend, borrow, stack, or swap their cryptocurrencies and NFTs on established exchanges or third-party marketplaces and have access to DeFi ecosystems with their digital assets
  • Playtime and gaming effort monetization

Users can monetize their playtime and gaming efforts in their favorite games and receive cryptocurrencies or NFTs as incentives/rewards Wombat allows gamers to participate in the virtual economy, monetize playing time & achievements and makes NFT ownership a social experience that can be shared with friends and peers.

Pivotal to this player-centric Platform is the Wombat App with integrated functionalities optimized for gamers: Wallet, NFT Gallery, NFT Marketplace, Game Rewards (Womplay), Dapp Explorer, Token Swaps and Fiat on- and off-ramps.

The problem that Wombat solves

Superior Web 3 technological capabilities for gaming meet expectation gap with traditional gamers

Experienced Web 2 Gamers are now looking for straightforward access to fun Web 3 games, while game developers are looking for loyal users and player-focused distribution structures.

While Web 3 games show steady growth in quality, gamers are still having a hard time getting into Web 3 due to:

  • Difficult onboarding: Unfamiliar and expensive experience to start playing a Web 3 game and a high hurdle to spend money on a game of unknown quality.
  • Challenging game discovery: Hard to browse, find and evaluate games in different ecosystems with unknown (launch) status and number of fellow gamers.
  • Siloed experiences: Web 3 games are oftentimes stand-alone titles without utility and interoperability beyond the game.

For Web 3 game creators it is difficult to gain access to the global gamer community themselves without deploying huge budgets on performance marketing and finding distribution partners that let them focus on game development and take care of the gamers’ needs outside of the game itself.

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What is Wombat-1

Wombat’s solution

Wombat adapts proven Web 2 practices for Web 3 and elevates blockchain gaming to its inclusive, interconnected, user-friendly and social form

The overall goal for the Wombat Web 3 Gaming Platform is to become a social gaming experience (“The Wombatverse”) based upon gaming NFTs. In this Wombatverse users can act and react on NFTs they or their friends own and transact with, customize what their avatars and their apps look like and share their own gaming successes and advances with the outside world.

NFTs allow gamers to express their unique identity

Wombat will be a place to celebrate and share one’s achievements & progress, as well as to follow friend’s activities in a Wombatverse live feed environment.

  • Social bonds: Wombat forms social bonds by users being able to find and follow each other, incl. game and NFT activities
  • Self-expression: Give every gamer a stage to showcase NFTs and show off their gaming skills, collections, talents — everything that makes them who they are
  • Interoperability: Tear down boundaries between games on an economical and social level

Discover & rate games

Discover games, assets & friends and play and rate games together with the game community

Open Platform

All Web 2 gaming platforms as well as the majority of Web 3 gaming platforms like Steam, Epic Store, Mythical or Gala Games are built as closed ecosystems (by using proprietary technologies, APIs, private blockchains or not allowing access to private keys). In contrast, Wombat has been designed and works in an open manner, making it the only Web 3 Gaming Platform with both a huge user base and full access to Web 3 interoperability.

This means gamers are able to:

  • Access and play any open Web 3 game ecosystems they want
  • Trade NFTs on marketplaces they choose
  • Export their private keys to keep custody of their own game assets

What is Wombat-1a

Benefit for Gamers

Wombat makes a perfect gateway to Web 3 for gamers. Compared to other solutions in the space, Wombat is at advantage thanks to:

  • Smooth onboarding: Smoothest onboarding into Web 3, drawing from the best proven UX practices. It feels familiar, costs nothing and allows gamers to discover curated content right off the bat.
  • All games in one App: With Wombat, players have access to a strong lineup of fun high-quality games. On a meta-level, even using Wombat itself feels like playing, thanks to streamlined gamification.
  • Multi-dimensional game experiences: Wombat enables players to take their achievements and prized loot beyond a specific game. With several reward and utility layers enabled by Dungeon Master, Womplay or the $WOMBAT token, no game truly ever ends.

Benefit for Game Creators

  • Wombat provides traction: Games can get promoted on Wombat and therefore get exposure to a massive initial user base. Due to its traction, Wombat can guarantee tens of thousands players in the first weeks after listing.
  • Auxiliary services: Wombat provides additional services incl. FIAT on/off ramp, NFT trading on own and third party marketplaces with whitelabel-caperbilities, token swap & wallet backup, NFT Creation Tools for creators, influencers and distributors to mint their own NFTs and a Wombat Portal to self-administer game listings
  • Additional utility: Wombat offers additional utility to partner NFTs through our array of products and services. Most notably, partner game NFTs can become stakeable within Dungeon Master

Product Roadmap

As the entire Wombat Web 3 Gaming Platform grows, the Wombat team will be expanding functionality and adding products to its portfolio.

What is Wombat-2

Wombat Web 3 Gaming Platform tomorrow

What is Wombat-3

Wombat’s Business Model

Wombat revenue comes mainly from affiliate kickbacks and NFT Trading & Issuance

  • Affiliate Kickbacks: Games pay a rev share for the users from Wombat Wombat receives in-game assets from game creators for promotion
  • NFT Trading: Secondary marketplace fees from any NFTs traded via the Wombat NFT Marketplace or for NFT collections issued by Wombat
  • NFT Issuance: Primary NFT revenues from NFT drops and packs

What is Wombat-4


Wombat stands out by creating an inclusive game- and blockchain-agnostic Web 3 Platform

Nearly every blockchain gaming company is currently creating its own, closed Web 3 ecosystem (Custodial wallets, Proprietary marketplaces) only for their games and (sometimes) on their own (private) blockchains. Being shut off from other ecosystems does not bring any advantage to the players.

In closed ecosystems, gamers need to trust the operating parties to keep the assets safe, which is actually no different from today’s situation with game publishers keeping control over in-game assets. In open ecosystems, gamers get to actually own their assets by gaining control over their private keys and being able to choose their providers, e.g. the NFT marketplace or the fiat gateway.

Wombat believes that open ecosystems serve the needs of gamers much better than closed ones, which is why it is designed with more agency and freedom for the players in mind.

While there are platforms providing full flexibility over their assets and a large extent of interoperability, these platforms like Metamask or even OpenSea are not at all gaming-specific, therefore not catering for gamers’ needs sufficiently.

What is Wombat-5


Wombat to date has raised $8.5M in both equity and token rounds

What is Wombat-6


Proven team with extensive blockchain, NFT, gaming, marketing and scaling experience

  • Adrian, CEO/Founder: Adrian has been a gamer, math guy and tech enthusiast his entire life. After finishing his degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science his passion for technology and economy took him to build large-scale market models and trading systems for commodities at Deutsche Börse, European’s largest stock exchange operator, with tens of billions in trading volume. He discovered Bitcoin early on and has been an active investor since early 2013 before becoming one of the founding members of the vibrant Berlin blockchain community. Adrian is an expert in combining economical patterns with technical solutions and sets an ultra-high bar when it comes to bringing visionary ideas to life.
  • Swen, CFO/Founder: Swen has 20+ years of experience in finance, operations and a profound understanding of risk, compliance and business operations in different industries in Europe by working for Arthur Andersen, KPMG, AMD, Globalfoundries and Accenture. He is a serial entrepreneur and received a row of national and international entrepreneur awards over the last years and sold his last co-founded and market-leading IT Cloud Consulting business to Accenture after it ranked third among the fastest-growing 500 companies in Germany in 2016.
  • Moritz, CTO: Moritz has a background in Mathematics and vast experience as a tech lead across different industries and technologies. As a developer by heart and consultant by profession Moritz architectured large-scale & high-performance systems for clients like Daimler, built kick-ass tech teams for startups as their Head of Engineering and has deep roots in the open-source software community.
  • Olga, Content & Communications: A proud journalist by trade and education, Olga covered the videogame industry for IGN Russia before delving into the blockchain space in 2017. In 2018, she joined the editorial team at CoinMarket.News as an Assistant Managing Editor, keeping her finger on the industry’s pulse before joining Spielworks in 2020. She helps the company stand out in the buzz around the blockchain gaming industry and build bridges into the mainstream gaming space.
  • Sascha, Product: Sascha started software development two decades ago. He used his exceptional eye for detail to significantly increase retention, revenue and user satisfaction in different companies incl. Microsoft, MTV and startups like Knuddels. His passion for engaging user-centric products with revenue in mind is pervasive.
  • Erik, Marketing: Erik studied economics at the Humboldt University of Berlin and has extensive work experience in marketing management positions of several technology startups incl. Caroobi & Dentolo. He considers himself an algorithm whisperer and a master of everything data-driven. He built businesses’ marketing efforts from the ground up in each of his three past positions in which he scaled customer growth by more than 20x.

What is Wombat-7


WOMBAT is a multi-chain utility token launching on Polygon Network first, it plays an important role in the Wombat Web 3 Gaming Platform for both gamers as well as game creators.

App Utility

WOMBAT Staking & VIP Model

Staking WOMBAT tokens will allow users to receive significant discounts, boosts and other perks throughout the entire Wombat Platform, including getting more rewards for playing, additional materials and items in Dungeon Master as well as access to Wombat Prime and exclusive NFT drops. The following table depicts the VIP tiers, and their initial WOMBAT staking requirements and shows some of the benefits included in those VIP tiers upon launch of the VIP program:

What is Wombat-8

Based upon availability of the feature in Dungeon Master. Upcoming benefits for VIPs will include:

  • Discounts for products like NFT modifiers paid in Wombucks or WOMBAT
  • Exclusive VIP loot boxes
  • First-in-line for new games, NFTs, and features
  • Access to exclusive VIP challenges and missions
  • Free, exclusive Platform cosmetics
  • Exclusive NFT drops
  • Exclusive shop items
  • A visible display of the user’s VIP status in the Wombat app and Wombat Dungeon Master
  • ExclusiveNFT Blend recipes available
  • Cashback for token swaps or crypto purchases via credit card in the Wombat app
  • Cashback for Wombat NFT Marketplace purchases


WOMBAT tokens will allow holders to decide upon certain parameters of the Wombat NFT Marketplace:

  • The percentage value of the Wombat Marketplace fee
  • What should happen with the fees that have been collected in the community pool

In addition, WOMBAT holders will be able to vote for certain other development decisions within the Wombat ecosystem, e.g.:

  • Which public blockchain networks to integrate with
  • Which games to highlight
  • Community game rankings

Community Pool

All of the Marketplace Fees generated by the Company on the Wombat NFT Marketplace (but not the Collection Fees) less taxes and third-party participations, if any, will be allocated to the so-called Community Pool.

What is Wombat-9

Token Sale

  • Sale Price: 1 WOMBAT = $0.006
  • Sale Start Time: July 27th 2022 (1:00 PM – UTC)
  • Sale End Time: TBA
  • Token Distribution Time: TBA
  • Initial Market Cap: TBA
  • Initial Token Circulation: TBA

The allowlist for WOMBAT is now available, and you can apply for it below. Note that you need to have at least 250 POLS Power to qualify for this Allowlist. Apply now: https://allowlist.wombat.app/

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