Vinci Airdrop – Claim free VCI tokens

Vinci Airdrop, Step by step guide to get free VCI tokens airdrop

Vinci Airdrop - Claim free VCI tokens

Vinci is an NFT-backed DeFi protocol designed for boosting liquidity with a liquidity platform, and simultaneously hedging volatility with NFT-backed derivatives.

Protocol aims at being a pioneer by introducing a new innovative liquidity and derivative platform for the NFT world, along with a lending market and perpetual contracts, is the first innovative platform that will provide perpetual contracts for NFT asset holders, to hedge the market price volatility or liquidation risk from the lending market. will launch a grand market maker incentive program to build deep liquidity, and provide low trading costs with limited gas fees, in addition to trading commissions for traders.

Vinci offers a permission less and non-custodial solution for traders, without any centralized party influencing the market volatility and interfering with users’ funds by manual operations the way centralized exchanges usually do. Vinci will provide trading APIs, a wide range of order functions, and deep liquidity (ensured by Market Maker Engine) to create institutional-grade trading experiences for traders.

Step by Step Guide

1. Visit the Vinci Airdrop Page.

2. Sign up with your details.

3. Complete simple social tasks and earn entries.

4. Also, get 10 extra entries for each referral.

5. A total of 1,000,000 VCI tokens will be distributed among all participants based on their entries.



Ticker: VCI


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