Unilaunch – A multi-chain pre-sale platform

Unilaunch aims to provide a pre-sale platform and act as a launchpad for upcoming projects on multi-chain: BSC, ETH, Matic,…

The DeFi space allows users and developers in the crypto space to create their own projects and tokens. While this network of dApps is supported by a few prominent chains, the issue of scalability and speed are still major problems in space.

A lot of projects face problems in the token launch due to the presale process, rug pulls, lack of support, and much more.

Every day, there are hundreds of projects to raise capital in the form of pre-sale in the market. These projects need a supporting platform so that fundraising can proceed easily. Decentralized presale platforms were born to help people create tokens and raise capital for their own projects.

The main problem facing ecosystems is:​

  • Inability to issue tokens on a vesting schedule​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
  • Inability to attract investors to participate in the project
  • Inability to create an affiliate program
  • The user quit the project
  • Lack of technology to find potential projects with attractive profits

Unilaunch aims to provide a pre-sale platform and act as a launchpad for upcoming projects on multi-chain: BSC, ETH, Matic, …

What is Unilaunch?

UniLaunch is a place to connect carefully selected and groundbreaking blockchain projects with cryptocurrency investors, providing a convenient, transparent and secure mechanism for raising capital, investing and distributing tokens. 

Users can start a Presale on the UniLaunch platform to build liquidity with the token generated from UniLaunch or the one from an outside developer. It’s free and easy to add more information, update and manage the Presale Launch on UniLaunch.

Unilaunch - A multi-chain pre-sale platform

Simplifying pre-sale process

That some of the issues solved by Unilaunch regarding the pre-sale process are:

  • Solving liquidity issues: Some tokens struggle with liquidity once launched, this limits the token’s uses. Unilaunch solves this by using smart contracts and providing a locked pre-fixed percentage of the amount. This amount is locked away automatically once the pre-sale takes place and solves the liquidity problem.
  • Token dumps by users: Right after trading starts for a project, some token holders dump the tokens bought during the pre-sale. This becomes harmful to a project’s growth. While vesting periods are used to counter this, it is still risky. By adding smart contracts to this process, Unilaunch creates a vesting schedule that is adhered to.
  • Token dumps by project creators: Another similar issue faced by buyers and token holders could be token dumps by the team behind the project. Unilaunch has a team token locking feature that ensures that this does not happen. Team tokens too are locked with a similar vesting schedule as that of the pre-sale tokens.
  • Pre-sale mechanisms: Lastly, one of the most important issues faced by projects is the lack of a proper pre-sale mechanism. The current process of sending money to wallets is tedious and in need of innovation. Unilaunch solves this by introducing fixed swap pools that allow for a seamless swap of presale tokens.

Key features

Some of the key features of the Unilaunch platform include:

Towards the new generation launchpad model, Unilaunch provides a variety of outstanding features that allow project owners to keep complete control over their projects while giving features and utility to every investor.

Next-gen features: 

  • Share to earn System: Building a sustainable marketing network to support projects both pre-and post-IDO through sharing about on-launch projects. 
  • Avatar System: Each NFT Avatar represents a user joining our private group to receive low-priced purchases and detailed information on projects.
  • Ads Banner Bidding: This is a series of special advertising campaigns on the Unilaunch.app. The project owner needs to bid to get the banner position.
  • Voting System: Allow the community to vote and evaluate the project. The ranking of the project depends on these 2 factors.

Premium features:

  • Multichain Launchpad: Creating tokens, launching seed rounds, private/public sales for projects on BSC, Ethereum, Polygon,…
  • Trending bar: Shows the project that is most interesting in 24 hours, allowing users to find potential projects quickly and conveniently.
  • Notification System: Notify users before the project’s opening time and avoid missing golden investment opportunities.
  • Scam Report: This allows users to report projects with signs of scams to Unilaunch’s admins.


Unilaunch also offers its own token called UNL. This token is a BEP-20 token because it works on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

  • Token name: Unilaunch
  • Symbol: UNL
  • Total supply: 100.000.000
  • Initial price: $0.012
  • Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain

Token Distribution

A 15% share of the tokens was set aside for the public round while a 7% share was for staking. Another 16% share was for rewards, 20% share was for the team & Adv, 18% share was for Liquidity & Exchange and a 24% share was for marketing.

Final word

dApps offer a great opportunity for everyone in the crypto space to develop their projects and run them. While the space is open for projects that have the potential to flourish, a lot of them get lost or fail due to a lack of proper guidance.

Unilaunch aims to be a launchpad for such projects and help them carry out not only a successful pre-sale but also provide help with their marketing requirements through their affiliate and viral marketing strategies, creating their own tokens, and solving the issues of liquidity by incorporating smart contracts.

The platform is focusing to become multi-chain and is currently working on integrating itself with more blockchain networks.

For more information on Unilaunch, please check out their official website: Unilaunch

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