Terran Coin Airdrop – Claim free $TRR tokens

Terran Coin Airdrop prize pool is worth 50,000 $TRR tokens (~$ 160,000). Get a chance to win 5 $TRR tokens

Terran Coin aims to spread awareness about the concept of NFTs as businesses. Additionally, Terran seeks to lower the barrier to entering the world of NFTs by creating an NFT minting platform and marketplace that will be most efficient and accessible for users.

Terran uses its own blockchain, Terran Chain, and patented DDPoS protocol to deliver exceptional NFT transaction speed and advanced security. The token standard used is NSTA_602 (NFT Standard Token Agreement _602) for minting any NFTs on Terran Chain, while TRR’s official cryptocurrency will be using ERC-20 and BEP-20.

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Step by Step Guide Terran Coin Airdrop

1. Head to the Terran Coin Airdrop form

2. Follow Terran Coin on Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn pages

3. Join the Terran Coin official Telegram Community

4. Like, Retweet, and Reply to the Pinned Tweet and @tag 3 friends

5. Register for an account at Aladdin Pro Wallet – Android or iOS

6. Fill out the Google Form with your Registered Email Address and Terran BEP-20 Wallet Address from Aladdin Pro Wallet

* $TRR is the governance as well as utility token of the Terran Chain ecosystem and is primarily used for gas & minting fees






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