SweepStake Network – Combining several brains across the world

SweepStake is deployed on BSC. The utilities and well-strategized tokenomics ensure that SweepStake will go as a long-term project.

About SweepStake

SweepStake Network was established in early April 2022, by combining several brains across the world. SweepStake Main Developer John comes from Singapore with vast experience in Cryptospace from 2019. The CMO, [Mike] originated from Great Britain and was fully motivated to the moon in every project he was involved in. Last but not least, their CTO Collin originated from Japan and has traveled the world, is an engineer and driven to solve any hurdle the token might come across. SweepStake is deployed on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and they planned to go all the way to join more Centralized Exchanges in the future. The utilities and well-strategized tokenomics ensure that SweepStake will go as a long-term project.

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  • Token Name: SweepStake Network
  • Token Symbol: $SSN
  • Token Decimals: 4
  • Token Address: 0xc4E0a6470Dc149A1cA20d524188eEC5abc20f964
  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 $SSN

12% Buy and Sell Tax:

  • 5% Marketing: Giving us the immediate resources we need to promote and actively drive new investors to purchase.
  • 3% Liquidity Pool: Liquidity is added automatically back into the liquidity pool building a long and sustainable project.
  • 2% Buyback: 2% of each transaction is used for $SWEEPSTAKE Buyback.
  • 2% Treasury: 2% of each transaction is allocated to the SweepStake Treasury.

SweepStake Network-1

Where and when can you buy the token?

You can buy $SSN tokens on the presale sale that will take place on the 10th of August on Pinksale.

  • Tokens For Presale: 437,857,800 $SSN
  • Tokens For Liquidity: 212,142,104.1 $SSN
  • Presale Rate: 1 BNB = 5,838,104 $SSN
  • Listing Rate: 1 BNB = 5,838,104 $SSN
  • Initial Market Cap (estimate): $42,152
  • Soft Cap: 37.5 BNB
  • Hard Cap: 75 BNB
  • Unsold Tokens: Burn
  • Presale Start Time: 2022.08.10 16:00 (UTC)
  • Presale End Time: 2022.08.11 16:00 (UTC)
  • Listing On: Pancakeswap
  • Liquidity Percent: 51%
  • Liquidity Lockup Time: 365 days after pool ends
  • Minimum Buy: 0.1 BNB
  • Maximum Buy: 3 BNB

SweepStake on Pinksale: https://www.pinksale.finance/launchpad/0xF2bD8a79E6163954305eAAE87bbB633f2B8f1973

Find out more about the project

  • Website: https://www.sweepstake.network/
  • Whitepaper: https://sweepstake.gitbook.io/sweepstake-official-whitepaper/
  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/SweepStakeBSC
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SweepStakeNetwork
  • Telegram: https://t.me/SweepStakeNetwork

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