SpeedSter – A combination off Unility, Games, and Memes

SpeedSter – A combination of Utility, Games, and Memes. They are eradicating rug pulls and scams and bringing greater value to users.

About SpeedSter

Gamified tokens, utility tokens, meme tokens, Charity tokens, and everything in between. Here comes a unique project, TheSpeedSter; a token that has gone “HYBRID”. Bringing the Meme fun into Gamification and Utility while looking to leave a footprint in the lives of others and push for decentralized financial systems. ” They are eradicating rug pulls and scams and bringing greater value to users, more safely and securely as we promote good causes that bring the community together and move it forward. ”

TheSpeedSter Token has an exciting roadmap of value-adding projects every step of the way!

With its charity-oriented focus, this community is particularly conscious of others with disabilities that hinder them from active participation in day-to-day activities and seeks to ensure that they are helped as much as possible towards achieving their personal goals.

Video Intro


TheSpeedSter Token is a fully decentralized “HYBRID” token inspired by “The Flash” series. This token will be recorded to be the first-ever “hybrid” coin with developments and utilities unlocked with lightning speed. This token was built on the blockchain technology network, Binance Smart Chain of the BEP-20 standard

  • Token Name: SpeedSter
  • Token Symbol: SSTER
  • Token Decimals: 9
  • Token Address: 0x714c73EAA1C4992Bed91f187E0EB79EC173160C6
  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000 SSTER


Token SpeedSter (SSTER) price

Where and when can you buy the token?

You can buy $SSTER during the ongoing Fair Launch on the Pinksale platform.

  • Tokens For Presale: 88,570,000,000 SSTER
  • Tokens For Liquidity: 19,100,443,500 SSTER
  • Presale Rate: 1 BNB = 521,000,000 SSTER
  • First Release For Presale: 40%
  • Listing Rate: 1 BNB = 231,900,000 SSTER
  • Initial Market Cap (estimate): $143,294
  • Soft Cap: 85 BNB
  • Hard Cap: 170 BNB
  • Unsold Tokens: Burn
  • Presale Start Time: 2022.08.30 14:00 (UTC)
  • Presale End Time: 2022.09.06 14:00 (UTC)
  • Listing On: Pancakeswap
  • Liquidity Percent: 51%
  • Liquidity Lockup Time: 500 days after the pool ends

SpeedSter on Pinksale: https://www.pinksale.finance/launchpad/0x843D3c325817BB73d705e38197E858a7Cf523034

Find out more about the project

  • Website: https://thespeedster.org/#home
  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/SpeedSterToken
  • Telegram: https://t.me/TheSpeedSterToken_Official

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