Sparkadia Airdrop – Claim free Sparkadia NFTs

Sparkadia Origin Collection NFT Giveaway is worth Free Sparkadia NFTs based on your number of points.

The Sparkadia Origin Collection is 8 individual hero NFTs that provide sweeping bonuses across the ecosystem when collected as a full set. 80,000 total NFTs will be minted (10,000 sets). Each NFT starts at $20 ($160 for the full set).

Sparkadia is a new ‘ecosystem of games’ featuring whimsical characters, a lighthearted ‘cozy-cosmic’ world, and best of all, super fun gameplay experiences. Create and customize your avatar as a citizen of Sparkadia and from there, jump between various games to see characters come to life and immerse yourself in this universe. The first game is Edenbrawl, a competitive ‘Mobrawler’ that combines the intensity of a brawler with the strategy of a MOBA to create a thrilling and addictive multiplayer experience.

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Step by Step Guide Sparkadia Airdrop

1. Login to the Sparkadia NFT Giveaway Gleam page

2. Follow @SparkadiaGG on Twitter & RT this Tweet

3. Join Sparkadia on Discord & Telegram

4. Visit Sparkadia on YouTube

5. Earn extra points by performing more actions

6. Submit your Ethereum wallet address

* The lucky winners will receive Free NFT prizes based on their number of points.





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