Solve.Care x BitMart Airdrop – Claim free $SOLVE tokens

To celebrate @Solve_Care’s recent launch of Care.Labs wallet, Solve.Care & BitMart are giving away 25,000 $SOLVE tokens to 250 random lucky winners.

In addition, BitMart launched a limited-time new user challenge till the 14th of September. During the event, new users who complete the specified deposit or trading tasks will receive a random-amount Airdrop reward up to 30,000 $USDT

Solve.Care is a decentralized healthcare platform built on blockchain technology, designed for care coordination, administration, and payments of healthcare and benefits around the world. $SOLVE is a programmable token that serves as fuel for the platform and raises a lot of value regarding audibility, reconciliation, reporting, and utilization.

BitMart is a world-class global digital asset trading platform with more than 2.5 million users in more than +180 countries. The $BMX Token runs natively on the Ethereum blockchain and has a total supply of 1 billion. BitMart plans to use 20% of its profits each quarter to buy back and burn BMX until 50% of the total supply is burned.

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Step by Step Guide Solve.Care X BitMart Airdrop

1. Head to the Solve.Care Airdrop form

2. Follow @BitMartExchange & @Solve_Care on Twitter

3. Retweet this Tweet & @tag 3 friends

4. Join @BitMartExchange & @SolveCare on Telegram

5. Fill out the Airdrop form by Sep 7 at 4 PM UTC

* 250 random lucky winners receive 100 $SOLVE tokens each!

* BitMart New Users Only: Complete the Time-limited tasks to receive an Exclusive Airdrop with a random amount of up to $30,000.






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