SocialGames Airdrop – Claim free $MATIC tokens

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SocialGames Airdrop – Claim free $MATIC tokens 

SocialGames Big contest Gleam + III Alpha Event Prize Pool is worth $5,000 in $MATIC coins to the Top 75 in the ranking.

To make the III Play & Earn Alpha Event that will be on August 26th more fun, here you have the contest to earn extra points for the big event. Have fun playing games and get many prizes! Beat unique challenges, get epic rewards, and collect NFTs in one platform!

Social Games is a new NFT multi-world web-based multiplayer cross-game platform to play and earn with friends that combines both the latest internet and social trends and technologies. The platform uses a Play to Earn model on which people can socialize and have fun playing games with their friends while at the same time being economically rewarded with its own token called $SOGA.

SocialGames will be bringing you Tribes, private spaces where you can create or join other players for challenges, rankings, video chat, and more! There is no limit to how many tribes you can be a part of! Beat unique challenges, get epic rewards, and collect exclusive NFTs!

$MATIC is the native coin of the Polygon network, on which SocialGames is developed. You will need $MATIC to swap and acquire SocialGames’ currency, $SOGA tokens.

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Step by Step Guide SocialGames Airdrop

1. Login to the SocialGames Big contest + III Alpha Event Gleam page

2. Go to​ & Register by clicking on “Register for the ALPHA”

3. Join SocialGames on Discord + Accept rules & Say “HELLO” in the #general channel

4. Follow @SocialGames_com on Twitter & Retweet this Tweet

5. Join SocialGames on Telegram

6. Share your referral link with friends to earn extra entries

* Simply perform the actions listed above to collect entries and at the end of the event, they will add these points to the III Play & Earn Alpha Event. The top 75 winners in the top ranking will get the prizes in $MATIC!

Prize Distribution

1st place: $500

2nd place: $400

3rd place: $300

See all prize pools up to 75 winners in the Top Ranking






Deadline: 28 August 2022

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