Smart Aliens Airdrop – Claim free Bob NFTs

Smart Aliens NFT Giveaway is worth 250 Miss Bob NFTs & 250 Mr Bob NFTs for 500 lucky participants.

Smart Aliens is a game about cute Aliens, an open metaverse game about funny SmartNFT Aliens that live together in the Andromeda galaxy. The biggest difference compared to other projects is SmartNFT. It’s a new generation NFT which builds its own character when you are playing the game with it. Every time you do something your SmartNFT will learn and develop its code that should make him more intelligent.

There will be a total supply of 39,932 NFTs released over 8 years. Each year the sales of the NFTs will be released quarterly and once each type of Space Beastie has been minted, it will never be minted again.

$SAS is a long-term holder rewarding token running on BNB Chain which will be used as a way to receive dividends from the game and earn extra tokens via staking.

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Step by Step Guide Smart Aliens Airdrop

1. Login to the Smart Aliens NFT Giveaway Gleam page

2. Follow @SmartAliensNFT on Twitter & RT

3. Join Smart Aliens on Discord & Telegram

4. Submit your BEP-20 Wallet address

5. Share your referral link to earn extra entries and increase your chances of winning

* 500 lucky participants will receive a Miss Bob NFT or Mr Bob NFT.





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