SaudiLaeeb – NFT GameFi Metaverse

SaudiLaeeb – NFT GameFi Metaverse provides various ways to earn rewards, such as NFT, Spring2E, predict2E, and watch2E.

SaudiLaeeb’s Highlights

  • SaudiLaeeb supports all the teams participating in the World Cup 2022
  • Game Laeeb Mainnet will be released by SaudiLaeeb soon
  • Super Value NFTs, Web Marketplace NFT
  • SaudiLaeeb has successfully contacted many big Partners & KOLs all over the world
  • The great benefits of owning SaudiLaeeb NFTs & playing
  • Laeeb games for fun anytime, anywhere

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SaudiLaeeb’s Product

  • In-game NFT assets: SLB NFTs in the game are all super value NFTs. Traditional games, items are not of high value. In SLB NFTs allows users to sell NFTs in the market to earn more profit
  • Tournament: SaudiLaeeb will develop more game modes. Tournaments around the world will be continuously updated into the game by us. PVP plays 2 teams against each other. Super Cup of Europe & other continents too. Excellent experience !
  • Prediction: SLB’s Web 3.0 allows the 2022 World Cup match score project system & all matches worldwide.

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The problem that SaudiLaeeb solves

The SaudiLaeeb project aims to advertise the World Cup all around the world. Fans and investors can cast votes for their favorite club and profit from forecasts. The project also provides various ways to earn rewards, such as NFT, Spring2E, predict2E, and watch2E. When the World Cup approaches, this may be a very lucrative way to increase your passive income.

SaudiLaeeb’s Solution

SaudiLaeeb game will be perfect on many platforms such as Web, Android, IOS. All devices can install and play games for fun. SaudiLaeeb with a GameFi element not only allows players to earn rewards with NFTs, but also allows them to move their assets out of the game’s virtual world, meaning that NFTs are tradable on the marketplace for extra profit.

SaudiLaeeb’s Business Model







Team Anonymous

Token SLP

  • Name: SaudiLaeeb
  • Symbol: $SLB
  • Network: BSC
  • Total supply:

SaudiLaeeb -2

Road map

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