Probinex Airdrop – Claim free $PBX tokens

Probinex Airdrop prize pool is worth 400,000 $PBX tokens for 200 lucky winners.

Probinex is a Fintech project that brings cryptocurrencies closer to people by creating an ecosystem of products that will be compliant with regulations and therefore deliver an overall safer environment for its users. In the near future, we are as well preparing unique financial tools named Stayking & Earnio, an electronic wallet and crypto Exchange.

$PBX Token powers the entire ecosystem. Holding it and possibly locking it brings clients certain benefits when using Probinex products and services. In addition, holders of PBX receive regular rewards directly stemming from the performance of the entire project.

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Step by Step Guide Probinex Airdrop

1. Login to the Probinex Airdrop page

2. Join Probinex on Telegram Channel & Group

3. Follow @Probinex1 on Twitter & RT

4. Create an account on Probinex & Verify your Email

5. Visit the Probinex YouTube channel

6. Submit your BSC Wallet address

* Complete all the tasks and increase your chances to win 2,000 $PBX!

* There are many reasons to wish for winning a couple of PBX tokens, as it has a plethora of utilities. To seize their real power, you can stake your tokens to the StayKing program to earn monthly rewards.





End Date: 5 September 2022

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