Origin26 Airdrop – Claim free $ORIGIN26 tokens

Origin26 Airdrop, Step by step guide to get free tokens airdrop

Origin26 Airdrop - Claim free $ORIGIN26 tokens

Origin26 is World’s First Decentralized Genomic Ecosystem using blockchain technologies, delivering predictive & personalized medicine.

Origin26 mission is to build a decentralized genomics ecosystem which will enable a new age of predictive and personalized medicine without costly third-party mediation, believes in a proper DNA distribution system, streamlining the development of human medicine with unprecedented precision.

$ORIGIN26 utility token is built on Binance Smart Chain (BEP20)  is adeptly designed with a unique rewards system, OpenSea-minted NFT’s, and a focus on sustainable long-term growth through innovative Decentralized Application: ORIGIN26dApp.

Step by Step Guide

1. Go to the Origin26 Airdrop Page : https://airdropking.io/out/ORIGIN26

2. Submit your details and sign up

3. Visit the Origin26 website : https://origin26.io/

4. Follow Origin26 on Twitter and Retweet this tweet

5. Join Origin26 Telegram Group and Telegram Channel

6. Follow Origin26 on LinkedIn

7. Visit Origin26 on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube Channel

8. Invite your friends and earn extra entries

9. Submit your BSC Wallet Address

10. You will get 10 bonus entries for completing all tasks

11. 250 Random lucky winners will get 10,000 $ORIGIN26 tokens each

12.The top 3 most interactive community members will share $300 BUSD


Website: https://origin26.io/

Whitepaper: https://origin26.io/Origin26IO-Whitepaper.pdf

Social Network

Twitter: https://twitter.com/origin26_io

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Origin26io-113747787965427

Telegram: https://t.me/origin26_official_news

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