Okse Wallet & Card Airdrop – Claim free $OKSE tokens

Okse Wallet & Card Airdrop prize pool $10,000 worth of $OKSE tokens for the top 10,000 users based on points

Okse Wallet & Card is a decentralized finance system built to revolutionize the financial market allowing only the owner to access and spend their cryptocurrency without counter-party risk in over 60 million shops worldwide.

The goal is to allow anyone in the world to have self-custody over their own crypto and use it as the available payment solution globally.

Users will be able to Spend-to-Earn with the Okse card & Earn cash-back on every purchase (Coming Soon).

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Step by Step Guide Okse Wallet & Card Airdrop

1. Start the Okse Airdrop Telegram Bot

2. Follow @Okse_io on Twitter

3. Follow @Eljaboom on Twitter

4. Join the Okse community on Discord

5. Join the @AjoobzNews Telegram channel

6. Download the Okse Wallet App for Android / iOS (or use the Apk file)

7. Submit your BSC wallet address from the Okse App wallet

8. Get an extra 5 points by using your referral link to invite your friends

* Rewards: 5 Points + 5 points per Referal. For example, if all participants collected 100,000 points in total, you have 1000 points. 1.000/100.00 your reward is $100 in $OKSE tokens.





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