NomoEX Airdrop – Claim free $NOMOX tokens

NomoEX Airdrop is worth 1,000 $NOMOX tokens (~$ 50) for each of the first 10,000 participants. First Come

NomoEX is a next-gen cryptocurrency exchange created with smart and advanced technologies & tools that offers many cutting-edge crypto trading features and an easy-to-use, user-friendly interface.

NomoEX Exchange is being developed as a revolutionary approach to the inefficiencies of the existing centralized exchanges, with the mission to create a fair and ideal environment for beginners, institutional investors, and other large investors to manage and invest in cryptocurrencies and digital assets.

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Step by Step Guide NomoEX Airdrop

1. Head to the NomoEX Airdrop form

2. Join NomoEX on Telegram Channel & Group

3. Follow @NomoEX_in on Twitter & Like, Share and Comment on the Pinned Post

4. Follow NomoEX on Instagram

5. Like & Follow NomoEX on Facebook

6. Join the NomoEX Official Subreddit

7. Subscribe to the NomoEX Youtube channel

8. Submit your BSC Wallet address and details to the Form

* The first 10,000 participants will receive 1,000 $NOMOX tokens (~$ 50) Each. All the Steps are compulsory





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