My NFT Wars Airdrop – Claim free 25 NFT Cuties

My NFT Wars team is giving away 25 NFT Cuties (x5 nouble & x20 Standard) + 20 Whitelist spots for My NFT Wars IDO to the community to celebrate their partnership with @BlockchainCutie.

My NFT Wars is a PlayFi RPG game developed by Play2Earn Ltd — the joint venture of award-winner crypto collectible game developers Blockchain Cuties Universe and iLogos Game Studios, which finished 460+ projects since 2006 and has a proven track record in free2play and NFT games development in collaboration with top titles.

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Step by Step Guide My NFT Wars NFT Airdrop & IDO Whitelist

1. Log in to the My NFT Wars NFT Airdrop Gleam page

2. Follow @MyNFTWars & @BlockchainCutie on Twitter

3. Join My NFT Wars on Telegram Channel & Group

4. Join Blockсhain Cuties Universe on Telegram

5. Join My NFT Wars & Blockсhain Cuties Universe on Discord

6. Submit your Metamask wallet address & Refer friends to get more chances to win

Prize structure: 5 top participants will receive 5 nouble NFT Cuties each, and the next 20 top participants will receive 20 standard NFT Cuties each. Also, 20 users among those who complete all tasks will receive White List Spots for My NFT Wars IDO.





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