Million Winner Airdrop – Claim free $MWT tokens & Genesis NFT Whitelist

Million Winner Airdrop prize pool is worth $4,000 of $MWT tokens & $6,000 Genesis NFT Whitelist.

Million Winner Airdrop - Claim free $MWT tokens & Genesis NFT Whitelist

MillionWinner is a web3 application integrating Game-Fi and Social-Fi. It aims to build a metaverse world of ANSWER TO EARN and LEARN TO EARN. Players are able to roam the MillionWinner World by using their own NFTs. Through various innovative ways of playing, you will not only grow in wisdom but also get rich token rewards

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Step by Step Guide Million Winner Airdrop

1. Login to the MillionWinner Airdrop Gleam page

2. Follow @Coinstages & @Million__Winner on Twitter

3. Like, Comment, and @Tag 3 Friends under this Tweet

4. Join @MillionWinner & @MillionAnswer on Telegram

5. Join @Coinstages & @Coinstages_news on Telegram

6. Join MillionWinner on Discord

7. Submit your BSC Wallet address & Invite friends to earn extra entries

* Winners

● Top 1: $500 $MWT

● Top 2: $400 $MWT

● Top 3: $300 $MWT

● Top 4: $200 $MWT

● Top 5: $100 $MWT

● 200 Random winners ($12.5 $MWT each winners)

● 200 Random winners (1 Genesis NFT WL each winner)

● 600 Random winners (1 MetaRover each winner)





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