Mastermind Games – Platform for the future of gaming

Mastermind Games – Gamers will be able to recycle their hard-earned money back into their pockets from any game that they no longer play.

Mastermind Games’s Highlights

Mastermind games also offer services to diversify investments. The platform will be able to launch and provide support, assisting with liquidity loans and blockchain development.

Their platform will offer various choices of gaming such as P2E, F2P, P2P and Mint2Play models as well as smart staking options.

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Mastermind Games’s Product

Gaming Ecosystem: Mastermind Games is an open gaming ecosystem with the following features:

  • Adventure modes and in-games contests. Including P2E, F2P, P2Pand Mint2Play models.
  • Provide Opportunities to game developers to become a part of the gaming ecosystem.
  • Buy and sell in-game items such as NFT.
  • Complete quests & clear levels by fulfilling requirements.
  • Games onboarding and updates.
  • Digital Assets Rights Management & Digital Assets Exchange.
  • Player Community Interaction & Database Protection.
  • Mastermind Games allows players or token investors to compound their profits by staking.

Mastermind Swap

This platform is designed to allow users to securely Swap Binance Coin (BNB), MGA, and other tokens without relying on 3rd party services or losing control over their private keys. As a decentralized exchange, all trades are automatically executed via smart contracts.

There are many great reasons our users will love using Swap

  • Quickly swap into an asset for gaming or for trading.
  • Mastermind Swap is integrated into the blockchain which will allow users to trade or swap into other assets without the need for account creation or providing identifications.
  • The blockchain will keep all transaction records whilst keeping the users anonymous.

Mastermind Games Marketplace

This platform is now allowing developers of digital items to experiment with new revenue strategies. Mastermind games will become a known NFT project with physical utility. The underlying token for each Mastermind games asset encodes a unique code of ownership that cannot be replicated and cannot be transferred without the user’s permission.

They will launch their NFT marketplace that will be connected with ecosystem. This platform is now allowing developers of digital items to experiment with new revenue strategies. Mastermind games will become a known NFT project with physical utility. The underlying token for each Mastermind games asset encodes a unique code of ownership that cannot be replicated and cannot be transferred without the user’s permission.

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Mastermind Games Exchange

Mastermind Games Exchange is an easy, fast, and secure exchange in a truly decentralized way. They are going to launch their own Exchange. It connects buyers and sellers. Mastermind Games Exchange is non-custodial, meaning a user remains in control of their private keys when transacting on their platform.


The Mastermind games protocol ensures that the assets of token holders are promptly seized and frozen for liquidity. The major objective is to keep the holder aware of the MGA performance by preventing huge drops in bulk trade-offs. The DeFi, as deflationary like tokens, has a high price value with little volatility on the trading market.

The problem that Mastermind Games solves

Mastermind Games envision a platform where gamers and developers can be unified by providing fun, along with equality and fairness for the ways gamers choose to invest in the content. Mastermind Games aims to cater to everything they need in one gaming ecosystem. They also combined wealth-building strategies that were previously only available to accredited investors. With their platform, a new level of leverage is now submerged from traditional gaming and the revolutions of decentralized finance (DeFi) become available to everyone, restoring the people’s control over their finances in gaming. The Mastermind Games network constitutes an innovative ecosystem to attract more people to digital assets & various options of gaming while maintaining their privacy, security, authority, and autonomy. The objective is to increase global economic freedom for gaming enthusiasts.

Mastermind Games’s Solution

Mastermind Games is an all-in-one solution for centralized gaming and trading while offering a wide array of valuable services from marketing to finance. They mission is to take “Mastermind Games” to new heights by providing players with an innovative, user-friendly, all-in-one platform to provide all users an equal chance to manage and improve their financial security along with enjoying the games on the Mastermind Games platform. Mastermind Games future will be about their community and society of gamers. With their long-term-oriented projects & providing the choices of “fun” on Play2Earn, Free2Play, Pay2Play, Mint2Play©️ games, and in-game Assets and bundles, etc.

  • Operating as a community-focused and community-driven digital asset, integrates decentralization feels into the ecosystem.
  • Providing a platform for investors to diversify their investments between various services like developer tools, Staking and Trading.
  • Providing tools and services to accelerate the growth of start-ups for developers.
  • Facilitating global growth by providing an opportunity for financial independence for game enthusiasts.
  • Creation of a next-generation complete all-in-one platform.
  • Implementation of innovative digital projects and marketplace.

Mastermind Games’s Business Model



Mastermind Games is an all-in-one game hosting platform created to fill a gap in the gaming industry. The platform uses blockchain technology as a utility that gives its users a safe and easy way to buy and re-sell digital games and assets. The platform will provide game creators the ability to easily release their digital games and in-game assets using embedded identification to provide ownership protection. This embedded
identification gives their community the ability to resell those games or in-game assets. Game developers will earn a small portion of residual income every time someone re-sells their game in the future. Creators
that use the platform will benefit from accelerated growth as well as other tools and services that save time, energy, and resources.




They team members always find effective ways to improve the project and process

Mastermind Games-2


  • Name: Mastermind Games Ascension token
  • Symboy: MGA
  • Platform: Pancakeswap / Mastermind Swap
  • Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain
  • Total Supply: 300 Million

Mastermind Games-3

Transactional tax 6%

  • 3% Development
  • 2% Marketing
  • 1% Liquidity

Besides that:

  • Security & Compliance 8%
  • P2E Rewards: 4%
  • Staking Rewards: 6%
  • Private & Public Sales: 12%
  • Development: 10%
  • Marketing: 10%

Road map


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