Manta Ray – Connect Electric Vehicle (EV) Drivers and Residential EV

Manta Ray is a DAO marketplace connecting Electric Vehicle (EV) Drivers and Residential EV Charging Point Hosts.

About Manta Ray

They are Manta Ray. They believe that the way that EV charging Networks work today is inadequate and will grow to cope with the regulatory targets set by governments and driven by the climate change crisis.

They believe that by enabling access to private home charging points in an autonomous community the incentives will enable the global Electric Vehicles to grow at the rate demanded by the public and regulation.

Providing a community-driven and owned organization enabled by Web3 technology will provide a neutral marketplace for the fragmented public, workplace, and fleet networks giving a ubiquitous experience for EV Drivers everywhere.

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Manta Ray Crypto Tokens gives YOU ownership of the EV charging network. The platform is driven by you. You can exchange your ownership for money on the open market.

  • Token Name: Manta Ray
  • Token Symbol: MREV
  • Token Decimals: 9
  • Token Address: 0xa98B7a3138eD616AA9EbB505afFfbBFB090F0056
  • Total Supply: 250,000,000 MREV

Manta Ray-1

Token Manta Ray (MREV) price

Unilaunch invites you to consult the latest updated Manta Ray (MREV) token price chart today.

Where and when can you buy the MREV token?

You can buy Manta Ray (MREV) on the Pinksale platform.

  • Tokens For Presale: 100,000,000 MREV
  • Tokens For Liquidity: 53,900,000 MREV
  • Soft Cap: 100 BNB
  • Presale Start Time: 2022.09.19 09:00 (UTC)
  • Presale End Time: 2022.09.21 09:00 (UTC)
  • Listing On: Pancakeswap
  • Liquidity Percent: 55%
  • Liquidity Lockup Time: 365 days after the pool ends

Manta Ray on Pinksale:

Find out more about the project

  • Website:
  • Twitter:

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