MagicCraft Airdrop – Claim free $MCRT tokens

MagicCraft Airdrop Prize pool is worth 50 MagicCraft Genesis NFTs + 1,000,000 $MCRT tokens to be shared among 500 lucky winners.

MagicCraft is a popular play-to-earn NFT game, level up with your friends, fight each other, and earn real money through $MCRT cryptocurrency in the game. When you die you can drop real money and items which makes the stakes more intense. The first real PVP Castle Siege play-to-earn game. If you Stake MCRT tokens, you will earn rewards and obtain voting rights in the DAO model.

MagicCraft NFTs have unique skills and bonuses that provide their owners with a significant game advantage. Each of the 9999 Genesis NFTs has its own class, rarity level, and qualities. The collection will feature Warriors, Wizards, and Archers. The 9999 characters are either rare, epic, or legendary.

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Step by Step Guide MagicCraft Airdrop

1. Login to the MagicCraft Airdrop Gleam page

2. Follow @MagicCraftGame on Twitter & RT

3. Follow @Jamyies on Twitter

4. Join MagicCraft on Discord & Telegram

5. Complete more tasks to earn extra entries and increase your chances of winning

6. Submit your BSC Wallet address

* 50 MagicCraft Genesis NFTs + 1,000,000 $MCRT to be shared among 500 lucky winners:

● 1-50: 1 MagicCraft Genesis NFT + 5,000 MCRT

● 51-100: 5000 MCRT

● 101-200: 2500 MCRT​

● 201-300: 1000 MCRT

● 301-500: 300 MCRT

Prizes will be sent to the wallet address you submitted on Gleam within 14 days after the competition ends.





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