Kainet Airdrop – Claim free $KAINET tokens

Kainet is airdropping $5 worth of Kainet tokens to each of the first 5,000 eligible participants. This is your only opportunity to get free Kainet tokens

Kainet is a new DeFi ecosystem of utility tools and a first-of-its-kind play-to-earn RPG game, all powered by the $Kainet token. Backed by an established team of developers, crypto experts and most importantly a growing community, Kainet is revolutionizing the metaverse. Kainet was voted by the Crypto Expo Dubai jury as the Best Metaverse Project.

Land of Kai is a 3D Open-World RPG & P2E game exclusively available for Kainet holders. You can style your character with NFT-based game assets, fight other players to earn tokens, collect NFTs and buy your very own land in the Metaverse. The game will provide a strong story mode with side quests to level your character up. Besides the web and desktop versions, users will be able to play Land of Kai on their mobile devices at a later stage of development.

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Step by Step Guide KAINET Airdrop

1. Head to the KAINET Airdrop form

2. Retweet the official Airdrop tweet from Kainet

3. Follow Kainet on Twitter, Telegram and Discord

4. Fill out the survey & Submit your BSC Wallet address. that’s it

* Once the Airdrop event ends, visit to learn more about how to claim your rewards.





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