Juggernaut Airdrop – Claim free $JGN tokens

​@DigiFinex × @JGNDeFi × GGslayer joint Giveaway is worth $5,000 of $JGN tokens for the Top 20 referrers & 800 random lucky winners.

Juggernaut ($JGN) aims to build the next generation of blockchain infrastructure to make DeFi & NFTs unstoppable. The next evolution of DeFi will go beyond pure finance and into real-life financial use-cases and philosophy of all assets and innovations.

Juggernaut Integrates Chainlink Oracles To Create Dynamic NFTs on BSC. JGN Charity has been showcased in NFT Magazine

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Step by Step Guide Juggernaut Giveaway

1. Login to the Juggernaut Giveaway Gleam page

2. Follow @JGNDeFi on Twitter

3. Follow ​@DigiFinex & @DigiFinexBen on Twitter

4. Follow @GGslayerOffcial & @GGslayerstudios on Twitter & RT

5. Join @JGNDeFi on Telegram

6. Join @DigiFinexEN & @DigiFinexAirdrop365 on Telegram

7. Visit GGslayer on YouTube

8. Leave your Digifinex UID & Invite friends to earn extra entries

* 800 random lucky winners & Top 20 referrers will share $5,000 of $JGN





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