IDO Launchpad – Safe and effective solution for crypto projects

The IDO Launchpad is a decentralized platform that creates value for both cryptocurrency startups and ordinary users with safety guarded.

Some years ago, Blockchain technology opened a new path of fundraising methodology for businesses, replacing time-consuming traditional processes. Token-based fundraising models, such as token offering, coin offering, exchange offering, and so on, are made possible by the Initial Coin Offering ICO Model. However, as time passes, an innovative crypto fundraising concept emerges, transforming the ICO into an IDO. According to the most recent statistics, the IDO Launchpad Development has received a total investment of $1.7 million. Many investors and venture leaders are looking for the best IDO Launchpads these days. So, what is this platform all about? And what is it capable of? Let’s take a closer look at this blog!

What Is an IDO Launchpad?

IDO, a short form of Initial DEX Offerings, is widely seen as an advance to ICO, involving the token launching on DEX exchanges without intermediaries. This decentralized platform is based on a liquidity pool where investors can exchange tokens such as stablecoins and cryptocurrencies. Actually, there are many IDO projects available in the market that are not listed on any launchpad platform. These projects operate independently and do not require any outside assistance, which may take a long time and result in a limited number of leads. Therefore, listing projects on the launchpad is an effective way to attract investors and allow them to aid in the exponential growth of the listed projects.

Developed on a Blockchain network, the IDO Launchpad is a decentralized platform that creates value for both cryptocurrency startups and ordinary users with safety guarded. It enables people to invest in these projects listed on the launchpad at a special pre-sale price before they enter the market, resulting in higher returns, while also supporting multiple chains for entrepreneurs to add their BEP20 and ERC20 tokens. As a result, IDO Launchpad’s tools are a one-stop shop for decentralized fundraising of high-quality projects.

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How does crypto IDO work?

The IDO Launchpad is a decentralized platform to give businesses a chance to list their cryptocurrency projects, which have to be reviewed and verified carefully before visible. This platform operates efficiently thanks to trust between the platform, cryptocurrency project owners, and users. It benefits investors by providing them with high returns on their investments, as well as all of the crypto projects listed on the IDO launchpad platform, which are backed by an IDO token. Meanwhile, all of the necessary features will be equipped to keep users from experiencing instant market trading to high liquidity.

To attract global users, the IDO token launchpad platform is well-structured and built with cutting-edge blockchain technology. It is completely decentralized in the IDO launchpad, which eliminates the need for a centralized authority to benefit users by lowering gas prices, waiting times, and allowing for faster transactions. To manage the overall transaction flow, the IDO launchpad platform is powered by automated Smart Contracts while to improve transaction speed, it uses a Peer-to-peer Network.

What can expect from an IDO Launchpad?


Any project that wants to be visible on the IDO launchpad has to go through a rigorous checking process. Such owners’ projects need to hand out some necessary documentation and proposals to make sure the legitimacy and feasibility of the project. This will be verified by the DEX platforms before listing, which would make all the investors ease of mind when pouring their money into any crypto-based project on the launchpad.

Instant Liquidity

A token’s primary factor is liquidity, and it is also the reason why most start-ups go for the Initial DEX Offerings. A token that cannot generate immediate liquidity can be detrimental to the token’s value. The liquidity pool would ensure that liquidity is available at all times and that prices do not fluctuate. Only when the project needs some value for the tokens to acquire liquidity is the swapping of tokens in the liquidity pool enabled.

Fair Fundraising Practices

Unlike traditional fundraising models, in which influenced investors benefited by buying a large number of tokens at a low price and then reselling these tokens on secondary markets at inflated prices, the IDO offers instant liquidity and token development. On this decentralized platform, all investors, from the general public to a small-time trader to a big short, can purchase IDO tokens at a reduced cost, and the value of the IDO token increases when the token is put up for the public sale. They can start trading right after the IDO is live. The earlier they buy tokens, the more likely chances they get to sell them at a higher price as the price starts to increase from the time the first investors buy.

IDO Launchpad - Safe and effective solution for crypto projects

Unilaunch – Showcase Of IDO Launchpad Projects

Unilaunch has a decentralized launchpad with features distinct from the currently prevailing centralized launchpads. Currently, most such platforms are centralized, meaning that a small group of people control the project’s fate on the launchpad.

These tend to have many entry barriers, including project discrimination. However, the decentralized launchpad introduced by Unilaunch will help many teams launch their products. It does not discriminate against projects, as they are not required to KYC.

UniLaunch is a place to connect carefully selected and groundbreaking blockchain projects with cryptocurrency investors, providing a convenient, transparent and secure mechanism for raising capital, investing, and distributing tokens.

Users can start a Presale on the UniLaunch platform to build liquidity with the token generated from UniLaunch or the one from an outside developer. It’s free and easy to add more information, update and manage the Presale Launch on UniLaunch. Unilaunch supports all multi-chains, including BSC, ETH, Polygon, Matic, etc.

With the aim of growing users in bulk and building a sustainable marketing network to support the projects both before and after their IDO, Unilaunch is developing the Share-to-earn feature. 

  • For project owners: The project is the main beneficiary of the Share to earn system. The project after being listed on Unilaunch will be widely spread by thousands of accounts. The project owners submit advertising information to the Unilaunch platform, and then they are allowed to request KOLs, users, and their budget packages. Unilaunch is in charge of distributing ads content to KOLs and users.
  • For promoters: KOLs and users will participate in sharing the project’s news and information on their own social media as project promoters; for each post they shared, they will receive tokens in return. The more posts they share, the more income they get.

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Benefits of the Unilaunch platform

For project owners:

  • All-in-one launchpad
  • Multichain Launchpad
  • Tier-Less System
  • The cost is cheaper than other launchpads
  • Simple registration process
  • Incubator for potential projects
  • Suitable for small and medium projects
  • Full support before, during, and after IDO
  • Providing consulting and marketing services at the lowest cost but most effective.

For investors:

  • No UNL token holding required to receive an allocation
  • Simple buying process
  • Commit to high profits when holding native tokens
  • Guarantee capital and profit for investors
  • Calendar integrated to not miss any presales
  • Easy-to-use website UI
  • The avatar system allows users to get exclusive privileges
  • Share-to-earn model offers monetization option
  • No KYC

Final Thoughts

To sum up, an IDO launchpad is a really necessary component for the Crypto Market. It is regarded as the best crowdfunding platform, attracting millions of investors’ interest in this project. The development of the IDO launchpad not only allows business entities to be more protective during a public sale and efficient crowdfunding but also enables investors to gain firsthand knowledge of general sales in a decentralized setting with low-cost operations.

If you are looking for an IDO Launchpad platform, you should not miss Unilaunch. The Defi system is being built by the Unilaunch team and is about to launch a series of unique applications. Not only limited to a launch pad, but Unilaunch also develops a comprehensive ecosystem, providing total solutions to create convenience for investors as well as project owners. All solutions from IDO Launchpad, UniFarm, and UniPool to Incubation are integrated into Unilaunch’s ecosystem.

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Disclaimer: Any information provided here including the featured projects should not be considered as financial or investment advice. The information is provided as-is with no guarantees. We cannot validate the claims or the trustworthiness of the projects listed. By using this information you agree to not take Unilaunch Blog responsible for the results of your investment decisions resulting from it. Please DYOR – Do Your Own Research!