Fuse gold Airdrop – Claim free $GOLD X tokens

Register with today and you will be one of the first to receive the free $GOLD X token.

Fuse gold Airdrop - Claim free $GOLD X tokens

Fuse gold is a digital asset where one token represents one fine gram of a London Good Delivery Gold bar, stored in secure vaults in London. Any holder of owns the physical gold which is held under the guardianship of Ltd. The value of fuse gold also follows the real-time price in the Gold markets.

The $GOLDX token is the free reward token of the platform. As an application, allows users to buy and sell tokenized gold (FUSEG) and exchange it for any token on the Dex (subject to sufficient available liquidity). By Registering today, they will reward you with the free $GOLD X token so you can start earning gold as soon as the platform launches. This unique opportunity is free and limited in numbers.

fuse gold has been meticulously designed and created within the last two years with the intention to fuse the stability of Gold with the velocity of Crypto using state-of-the-art Blockchain Technology for optimum security called Proof of Reserve (PoR). This feature is integrated by Chainlink using their Oracle service.

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Step by Step Guide Fuse Gold Airdrop

1. Visit the fuse gold Airdrop page

2. Register with today and you will be one of the first to receive the free $GOLD X token

3. Verify your Email to activate your Account

4. You can now use your referral link which you can retrieve by clicking the “Get My Referral Link” button on the main webpage and following the instructions

* The entire ecosystem is constructed around Gold X, with the ability to mine the gold X token with every transaction after launch. By registering you will be at the front of the queue.

* Fuse gold has a World Class single-layer Referral system where anyone can earn free Gold. Additionally, any transactions completed using the token earns free $Gold X.






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