Fuel Token Airdrop – Claim free $FUEL tokens

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Fuel Token Airdrop - Claim free $FUEL tokens

Fuel Token Airdrop – Claim free $FUEL tokens

Fuel’s technology will allow instant digital payments at gas pumps everywhere through mobile app. Their plan is for Fuel Token to be transacted at a lower rate than any merchant credit or debit card purchases. This makes the token much more attractive to owners of gasoline companies by increasing their overall net profits.

Fuel will be a Universal Token available and traded throughout all major crypto networks.

Initially started on the Binance Smart Chain (BNB) through PancakeSwap, FUEL will become a true universally traded token with limited supply spread out over more networks than any other token in the world such as ETH, Polygon/Matic, Ripple/XRP, Hyperledger, Tezos, Steller, Corda & so many more with seamless cross chain conversions with their future developed platform

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Step by Step Guide Fuel Token Airdrop

1. Visit the Fuel Token Airdrop page:

2. Submit your details and sign up

3. Complete the simple tasks to earn entries

4. Invite your friends and earn extra entries

5. The more entries you have, the higher chances to win

6. 1,000 Random lucky winners will get 500 FUEL tokens each

7. Also, the top 3 most interactive community members across various social media platforms will get $300 BUSD

8. Winners will be announced on their Twitter within 7 days after the sweepstake ends on August 31st, 2022






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