Elysia Airdrop – Claim free 25 RWA NFTs + 100,000 $ELFI

Elysia NFT & Token Airdrop prize pool is worth 25 RWA NFTs + 100,000 $ELFI (~$ 4,000) to celebrate the launch of ELYSIA RWA NFT.

Elysia Airdrop - Claim free 25 RWA NFTs + 100,000 $ELFI

Elysia is a project that tokenizes real-world assets so that they can be used on the blockchain. The real-world asset tokens created through ELYSIA can be used in ELYFI, the DeFi project of the Elysia team.

RWA NFT is Elysia’s new Korea Real Estate NFT, created with real estate-related bonds as collateral. This is a low-risk NFT because it is linked to real-world assets, and you can get back the principal plus a 20% APR reward just by holding it.

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Step by Step Guide Elysia Airdrop

1. Login to the Elysia Airdrop Gleam page:

2. Visit ELYSIA & ELYFI web page

3. Follow @Elysia_HQ on Twitter & RT

4. Join Elysia on Discord & Telegram

5. Submit your Metamask wallet address

* Event Reward

Top1: 3 RWA NFT ($300)

Top2-Top5: 2 RWA NFT ($200)

Top6-Top10: 1 RWA NFT ($100)

Top11-Top100: 500 $ELFI

Top101-Top200: 300 $ELFI

  • 9 Lucky Winners: 1 RWA NFT ($100) [Min: 70 entries]
  • 250 Lucky Winners: 100 $ELFI [Min: 70 entries]

* RWA NFT Holder Benefits:

Lucky drop on the 15th of every month: 1 winner ($300)

NFT holders have voting rights and participate in the construction of real estate NFT DAOs

Enter the discord VIP channel for more information and rewards

Gleam Airdrop for NFT holders, complete tasks to get rewards





End Date: 31 August 2022

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