Dynamic Airdrop – Claim free $DYNA tokens

Dynamic is airdropping 10 $DYNA tokens for joining & 5 $DYNA tokens for each referral

Dynamic is consumer-friendly lending software for users to enjoy competitive yields on savings in a non-custodial fashion. Become a lender or borrow against your holdings in just two clicks.

They help traders and investors save time with market aggregation and maximize user profit with automated smart contracts which compound interest daily. Dynamic is cross-chain compatible and focused on adoption with the goal to displace aged rails

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Step by Step Guide Dynamic Airdrop

1. Start the Dynamic Airdrop Telegram Bot

2. Join Dynamic on Discord & Telegram

3. Share 2x casual messages in popular Telegram chats about launch

4. Follow @fi_Dynamic on Twitter & Retweet the Airdrop Tweet and @Tag 2 real friends

5. Reply to 5x popular Tweets speaking about, the ultimate lending yield optimizer built on Compound & Venus coming to BSC on October 1st

6. Follow Dynamic on Instagram

7. Subscribe to the Dynamic YouTube channel

8. Submit your BSC Wallet address & Invite friends to earn 5 $DYNA tokens for each referral

* $DYNA has a total supply of 400,000 and is a deflationary utility token. All tasks must be completed to be eligible for Airdrop rewards. They will be checking for accuracy manually.





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