Drive Crypto – The first web3 mobility app based on Drive to Earn

Drive Crypto is the first web3 mobility app developed based on Drive to Earn concept gathering GameFI/SocialFi.

Drive Crypto’s Highlights

  • It has been built around an essential daily task for most people: using a vehicle to move from one place to another.
  • Each Car NTF is unique and rare as they are one edition only and there won’t be two of a kind.
  • DRIVE CRYPTO goes beyond and above a GameFi/SocialFi project – Drive Crypto is here to change the environmental mindset through a long-term web3 ecosystem.

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Drive Crypto’s Product

Make your registration on the Unimetaverso platform using the link:

As you login in and get access to your account, press the button “buy token”, and choose the payment option to acquire your $DriveCrypto Tokens ($DriveCrypto).

After payment is confirmed, click on the main menu and you will be directed to Drive Crypto Platform.

Check if your DriveCrypto balance is shown. You may need to connect your wallet.

Drive Crypto -1

Drive to Earn Mode

  • Click on NFT-DriveStore, choose the Car NFT you want, and use your DriveCrypto token as payment.
  • Now, after your Car NFT, Batteries are needed – and you can get them through Energy Box NFT.
  • You can draw one of the 4 Energy categories by buying an Energy Box or you may pick directly the one you want for your Car NFT. Use your $DriveCrypto tokens as payment.

Racing Mode

If you have bought a Car NFT with a Racing stamp on it, you will be able to play the Racing game as well. The racing game is a player-versus-player (PVP) competition on the $DriveCrypto App.

So, Racing Stamped Car NFTs will allow you not only D2E but also participate in this ‘need for speed’ competition. The Racing competition will reward first to third places. Winners will get Drivepoints that can be swapped to DriveCryptos.

Basic Requirements for Racing Mode:

Only 5 stars Car NFT can open a competition (private room) – minimum of 6 players.

All players need to pay a registration fee to participate in the competition and 60% of the fee will be returned as a reward and prizes, as follow:

  • First Place (Winner) – get rewards of up to 25% of registration fees
  • Second Place – get rewards up to 17% of registration fees
  • Third Place – get rewards up to 8% of registration fees

Energy Box

Earnings Each Energy Box has its own Return on Investment Rate (ROI), based on categories. Each category has a distance (km or miles) autonomy meaning a total limit of km or miles driven. Important to remember that all ROI is DrivePoint rewarded. The most powerful Energy Box (higher categories) the most is the reward per distance. All the calculations of rewards are not public due to security issues.


The DriveCrypto APP stands out in the NFTs market as the only one focusing only on cars. E will consolidate its position as some huge marketing actions are being developed, such as:

  • NFT Racing – Pilots Edition Collection
  • NFT Racing – Brands Edition Collection
  • The exclusive platform where you can use and adapt a real picture/selfie into your NFT – to share on your social media accounts.

Cars NFTs – in DriveCrytpo App – have 4 most important utilities:

  • To use it on RACING Mode
  • To SHARE
  • To rent

Besides all the uses we have mentioned before – Drive2Earn, Racing, …. the owners of NFTs will be able to add a real picture/selfie, rent the NFTs to others, and, in the future, sell them in the marketplace.

Drive Crypto -2

The problem that Drive Crypto solves

It has been built around an essential daily task for most people: using a vehicle to move from one place to another. Drive Crypto is the first crypto space project which effectively brings to life a concept of mobility and functional gain.

Drive Crypto’s Solution

The users can fit themselves with Cars’ NFTS – electric cars and Batteries’ NFTS – electric power that calculates each distance driven whether km or mile. By this calculation, users will get their rewards in gamefi tokens – which can be used in-game or transferred to their wallets.

Each Car NTF is unique and rare as they are one edition only and there won’t be two of a kind. In this way, we expect a great price appreciation on Cars NFTs.

Cars NFT can be used not only on the DRIVE2EARN APP but also on Racing GameFi mode, competing with other users and players – in the ‘need for speed’ way. The best three racers will get rewards on $DriveCrypto.
All the Cars’ NFTs owners will be able to sell them on the first exclusive and car’s only marketplace – NFT-DriveStore.

DRIVE CRYPTO also is willing to be a contributor to needed infrastructure to meet the electric cars’ energy demand – in this way, part of the project profits will be used on the charging stations instals – in order to diminish climate changes impacts as well as Carbon Credits generation.

Drive Crypto’s Business Model

It is simple: all the app economy is based on Drivepoints and Drivepoints value is paired in US dollar. So, at the moment, 1 Drivepoint is equivalent to 1$ USD. Whenever you connect your wallets, you can swap your DriveCrypto to Drivepoints and, through Drivepoints, you can buy anything in the Drive Crypto marketplace and portfolio.

DRIVE2EARN mode will reward you in DrivePoints. All APP economy centers around DrivePoints. So every distance, in km or miles, will be valued in DrivePoints. And, at the end of your journey, you can swap it to DriveCrypto.

As an example: You have driven and earnt 110 Drivepoints that, today, represent 110 USD. You go to the Swap button – and convert 110 DrivePoints into DriveCrypto, using the token price/value at the moment (quotation based on the listing).

In this way, you always will get 1$ USD per 1$ DrivePoint and the conversion into DriveCrypto will follow market prices. Ie.: 110 DrivePoints = 110$ USD. Let’s say, at this moment, 1 DriveCrypto values 2$ USD. So, you going to swap 110 DrivePoints to 55$ DriveCrypto.

Important Note: all transactions are subject to taxes in order to maintain the project ecosystem.

Drive Crypto -3


In this new Metaverse, users will equip themselves with NFTs in the form of electric vehicles and electric power. These NFTs are intended to calculate each KM traveled while you are driving your vehicle. Through this activity, APP users will earn in-game currency: the $DriveCrypto token, which can be used to buy NFTs, receive rewards and make a profit withdrawal.

Something similar to what the famous STEPN app does, which has gained +3,000% in its token (GMT).

It is important to point out that DriveCrypto’s NFT Cars can also be an extra income. After all, they are unique and rare items, which have chances of great appreciation. Holders of NFT Cars will also be able to sell them in the future through the first MarketPlace of exclusive and specialized NFTs for cars.

Installation of physical charging stations for electric vehicles in Brazil and around the world

Like Game-Fi, Drive Crypto also aims to contribute to building the necessary infrastructure to meet the demand for charging electric vehicles. In this way, part of the Drive Crypto profit will be used to install charging stations for electric vehicles and thus contribute to the fight against climate change, generating carbon credits.


Drive Crypto -4


Unimetaverso Labs has a team of fifteen professionals.


Supply DriveCrypto ($DRIVECRYPTO). Through small fees for in-app activities such as NFT trading. From the energy generated at charging stations for electric cars. Carbon credits.

Drive Crypto -5

Purchase and Sales tax:

  • 8% – Distribution
  • 2% – Extra Liquidity.
  • 2% – Marketing.
  • 3% – Development.
  • 1% – Burn.


In each token buy and sell transaction, 1% of the transaction amount will be burned, decreasing the number of tokens available. Coin burning will take place until 50% of the offering is burned (500 million coins). Once this burn is achieved, further burns will not occur.

Road map

Q2, 2022

  • Public sale starts
  • Listing in two GREAT LAUNCH PAD June
  • $DriveCrypto PancakeSwap Listing
  • Listing $DriveCrypto CoinMarketCap
  • Launch of the BETA version – DRIVE CRYPTO 1.0
  • Start of the sale of NFTs Racing
  • Start of Airdrop distribution in August
  • Launch of NFTs Racing Collection of Racers
  • Start of the BETA version – DRIVE CRYPTO 2.0
  • Start of installations of Automotive Recharging Stations (Brazil)
  • $DriveCrypto listing

Q1, 2023

  • Launch of the NFTs Racing collection of automotive brands
  • Racing game mode start – DRIVE CRYPTO 3.0
  • Start of installations of Automotive Recharge Stations (Spain)
  • Launch of MarketPlace NFT-Car STORE – DRIVE CRYPTO 3.0
  • Start Launching Platform for projects linked to NFT/GAMEs/METAVERSE/WEB3
  • Start of $DriveCrypto STAKE requirements to participate in releases
  • Listing $DriveCrypto
  • Start of installations of Automotive Recharging Stations (USA)
  • 2nd Semester of 2023
  • Start of the BETA DRIVE CRYPTO 3.0 version
  • $DriveCrypto Listing at + Two Major Exchanges
  • Start of installations of Automotive Recharge Stations (LatinoAmerica)

Q1, 2024

  • Continuity of the installations of Automotive Recharging Stations
  • Start of Ride Mode – DRIVE CRYPTO 4.0

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