DeHealth Airdrop – Claim free $DHLT tokens

DeHealth Airdrop prize pool is worth $300,000 of $DHLT tokens to celebrate the token listing on the BitMart exchange on September 8, 2022.

Only now, you have the opportunity to receive 625 $DHLT tokens (~$ 25) by completing three stages of the DeHealth Airdrop program in a quest format.

DeHealth is an AI-based mobile app that allows users to securely and autonomously store their medical data in one storage, share, manage and monetize it using the DHLT token, supporting their health while selling their anonymized data.

DeHealth’s mission is to make healthcare more efficient by building a Web 3.0 platform for medical data, to provide equal access to healthcare for all people, regardless of country and income level. DHLT Network is like Chainlink, Filecoin or Ocean Protocol, but only for health data.

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Step by Step Guide DeHealth Airdrop

1. Start the DeHealth Airdrop Telegram Bot

2. Check out the route of the quest! It consists of three stages, which will take only 5 minutes to complete

3. 1st Stage: Become a part of the DeHealth community. (65 $DHLT)

4. 2nd Stage: Learn how DeHealth Ecosystem works. (250 $DHLT)

5. 3rd Stage: Get a DeHealth ID. (310 $DHLT)

6. Invite a friend and get +125 $DHLT (~$ 5) for each friend who completes this quest with 530 to 625 DHLT.

* This is a fantastic opportunity for the community to learn more about the DeHealth product and try it out. And, of course, get bonuses. You will have time to see why this product will really change the healthcare industry. Accumulate points for participating in the activities and win prizes, which they’ll tell you about at the end of Airdrop.






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