CryptoCitizen – Become the Metaverse highest ranking citizen

CryptoCitizen is an upcoming NFT-based MMORPG game built on Binance Smart Chain. The project is a persistent open world with many mini-games.

CryptoCitizen’s Highlights

  • CryptoCitizen is an upcoming NFT-based MMORPG game built on Binance Smart Chain.
  • The project is a persistent open world with many mini-games, and services such as advertising, land, and real estate that will come gradually to life.
  • CyberCash ($CCASH) is the next-generation Metaverse governance token. The amount of $CCASH you hold determines your citizen ranking and thus your faith and rights in the city.

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CryptoCitizen’s Product

The CryptoCitizen Metaverse is a next-gen, AAA sandbox experience built by the QORPO dev-house with basic open-world game features. You will be navigating the city from a third-person view and testing your skills across the 10 leveling zones (districts).

The player will progress all the way from poor suburbs to the downtown metropolis, with each zone having its distinct visuals and is underpinned by the game’s refined economic system. The core idea of the gameplay is to become as wealthy as possible and gain supremacy over the city. To do this you have to buy properties, build factories, and skyscrapers and pursue many other activities, which can make you a big profit if you are able to manage them well.

The problem that CryptoCitizen solves

For the majority of blockchain games, the user experience and gameplay are not up to par with today’s standards and are insufficient for the long-term retention of users. Additionally, the graphics and design of most blockchain games are more akin to games dating 15 to 20 years back than to modern games. People play those blockchain games mainly to make a profit and thus will more quickly switch to the ones that offer higher earnings. The goal for blockchain games should thus not be play-to-earn but play-and-earn.

CryptoCitizen’s Solution

CryptoCitizen features a straightforward user experience and captivating gameplay, thereby incentivizing users to keep playing and not just ditch the game for another one. CryptoCitizen’s high-quality graphic design is one of the main factors distinguishing it from the rest and makes playing fun.

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CryptoCitizen’s Business Model

The main sources of income for CryptoCitizen are the NFT drops, in-game marketplace fees, advertisements, leveling and district fees, services fees, and the sale of skins, land, and other upgrades. 25% of the revenue will be redistributed to the player reward pool and 12.5% will be burned.

The raised funds will be used to cover the team’s operating costs for the following 18 months, 50% of which will be allocated to development, 5% to operations, and 45% to marketing.



Sandbox is one of the first projects to grasp the idea of a real sandbox-style game, where users can do anything they desire, buy lands, hang out, fight and have fun. CryptoCitizen is taking this idea to another level by utilizing the open world with MMORPG experience and in-game economy never seen before in blockchain gaming.

The persistent metaverse open world that changes due to citizens’ decisions will immerse the players in various types of activities and land management, where players are able to not only build for the show but to build and create utilities, such as the production of various NFTs, taxes, advertisement, services and much more. Players will be also rewarded with an in-game token $CCASH for playing and making the right decisions with their NFT assets or they can simply loot other players in the Red Zone, where everything goes.

CryptoCitizen features next-generation graphics, refined quests, and governance implemented in the Citizen Ranking, which shows your faith and rights in the city! Rule the prosperous society or authoritarian autocracy. With the “Portal” function, players will be able to try out the game totally for free!


The main investors and partners of the project include Maven Capital, Firestarter, Master Ventures, VBC Ventures, Halvings capital, Momentum 6, ZBS capital, Avstar capital along with ecosystem partners such as Binance NFT, Binance Smart Chain, Blockchain Gaming Alliance, and others.



  • QORPO Is a leading game studio and a multi-blockchain company founded in 2018 with over 40 employees. The game developer has its headquarters in Slovakia-Bratislava, stands behind projects like QORPO Wallet, QORPO Market, and Trade Race Manager, and is developing the CryptoCitizen project. They have developed powerful teams from all around the world and some of their members worked with major gaming studios such as Gameloft or EA.
  • Rastislav Bakala | CEO Rastislav has gained enriching knowledge and experience within the finance corporate industry from his previous career steps. He has devoted himself to the one and only love, which is a success. His visual flair and inner fire light the team’s spirit because well, he is the CEO.
  • Pavol Strieborný | CFO Pavol bridges the gap between creativity and finance. With a degree in Human resources & management and vast experience as a director, he brings a wide knowledge base to every project.
  • David Achberger | CMO David is a long-term trader of Crypto, FX, and Brand Design & Management specialists. He has several years of experience within the marketing industry, whether as a CEO in a segment of the luxury clothing industry or CMO of a marketing agency in central Europe. His collaborative spirit has helped forge strong relationships throughout the industry.
  • Boris Klukan | CTO Marketing and stuff are nice, but the real deal-breaking difference is wrought in thousands of hours of coding and programming. Boris has rich experience as a Senior Software Engineer in companies such as Hewlett Packard or DXC Technology and his team is a key factor in our desired success.
  • Sebastián Šooš | CBO No team can seek a successful happy end without youngsters. Sebastián is a perfect example. His cryptocurrency career started in 2017, most notably as a trader who endured the whole bear market up till now. He has been working as a technical analyst for several years and is still considered among the best in the region.
  • Róbert Bobor |Backend developer We are not done with our heroes yet, and we surely can consider Róbert one. His living credo focuses on the original code and other underlying programming scenarios that make up the software, website, or other applications. He takes over the complete chain of software development and accompanies projects from conception to implementation to delivery and maintenance.
  • Alexandra Ilinjová | MS Alexandra has played a key role in the regional success of her previous workspaces such as Budweiser or DENIM Group thanks to her infinite creativity. We can be thankful for her enrollment in the world of technologies as we love determined and hard-working individuals.


The deflationary token $CCASH represents the currency of the future in the CryptoCitizen Metaverse. Holders will get to decide about the imminent actions taken in the development of Metropolit. Holding $CCASH will allow players to live the real Metaverse lifestyle whether they plan to buy land, construct buildings, control factories, conduct financial services, or simply drive the best cars or wear the freshest clothes! Do not forget about your obligations such as improving your current lifestyle level by gathering NFTs from various bosses, collecting taxes from your residents, or just simply by staking your $CCASH!


One of the long-term positive utilities of the token is its deflationary effect caused by burning tokens in the execution of all transactions that bring revenue to the game. CyberTrade supports long-term token price development by performing buybacks at a market price of 50% of the value of primary sales. Long-term holders can utilize various staking programs to lock token liquidity and participate in NFT land sales.

Road map


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