Cross The Ages Airdrop – Claim free $CTA tokens

Cross The Ages Airdrop prize pool is worth 10,000 USD in $CTA tokens to be distributed equally among 50 random lucky winners.

Cross The Ages (CTA) is a mobile-first collectible card game set in a dystopian world and based on seven fantasy and science fiction novels, that offers a full value cycle from mobile gaming to desktop gaming, powered by Immutable X blockchain.

Players will compete individually and in teams for valuable NFTs while going on Metaverse quests to discover priceless ‘easter eggs’ hidden in the novels.

$CTA’s digital scarcity will underpin a valuable in-game economy where players can buy, sell, trade, rent and mint non-fungible tokens.

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Step by Step Guide Cross The Ages Airdrop

1. Login to the Cross The Ages Airdrop Gleam page

2. Join Cross The Ages on Discord & Telegram

3. Follow @CrossTheAges on Twitter & RT the Airdrop Tweet

4. Visit Cross The Ages on YouTube

5. Earn extra entries by performing more tasks

6. Submit your Polygon wallet address

* 50 random lucky winners will receive 200 USD worth of $CTA tokens Each.





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