CoinMarketCap ETH Merge Airdrop – Claim free $ETH

To commemorate the long-awaited ETH-Merge event coming VERY soon, CoinMarketCap has decided to do something a little special for the community

CoinMarketCap ETH Merge Airdrop - Claim free $ETH

The grand prize is a massive 1 $ETH — meaning you can win enough ETH for a holiday just for making a couple of posts and completing a quiz

The ETH Merge has been a long-awaited event for a while now, it’s basically the most significant upgrade in ETH’s history so far. This will mark the end of proof-of-work for Ethereum, and the full transition to proof-of-stake. It sets the stage for future scaling upgrades like sharding, and will reduce Ethereum’s energy consumption by an astonishing 99.95% (Read more).

Warning!!! The space will undoubtedly be rife with scams as we approach the merge. So, make sure you don’t send your $ETH anywhere in an attempt to “upgrade to ETH 2.0” There is no “ETH2” token, and there is nothing more you need to do for your funds to stay safe.

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Step by Step Guide CoinMarketCap ETH Merge Airdrop

1. Head to the CoinMarketCap ETH-Merge Event page

2. CoinMarketCap will be giving out a variety of prizes to people who take the Quiz, which is made up of 16 short questions. If you fill it out successfully, congrats, you’ve entered the competition.

3. Here are the full steps

Step 1 – Post your thoughts on the ETH merge on CMC-Community with the #CMCETHMerge hashtag.

Step 2 – Post your thoughts on Twitter with the #CMCETHMerge hashtag (must include backlinks to the CMC-ETH-Merge Landing Page).

Step 3 – Complete all 16 questions of the Quiz – then cross your fingers (Don’t worry, there are hints for each question!)

* Be sure to post with the right hashtags, only people who have posted will be considered to win, and you’ll be prompted to share the social links as you complete the Quiz.




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