Chill AI Fitness Airdrop – Claim free $SDD tokens

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Chill AI Fitness Airdrop – Claim free $SDD tokens

CHILL Initial Airdrop prize pool is worth $100,000 in SDD tokens for 24,500 Winners.

CHILL is a Web3 AI-Fitness decentralized DApp that uses AI computer vision technology to recognize body movements and explores a new kind of AI fitness where users can work out and complete challenges to earn tokens.

CHILL’s vision is to build a new web3-based way of being, where people can get rewarded and improve their physical health while gaining real crypto assets, which changes completely the fitness industry by building a ÐApp that merges AI + Fitness + Crypto + NFTs

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Step by Step Guide CHILL Airdrop

1. Login to the CHILL Airdrop page:

2. Follow @CHILLweb3 on Twitter & RT

3. Join the CHILL community on Telegram

4. You can also join the Chill Meme-Contest worth 700 USDT for 22 Winners

  • 24,500 Winners will get SDD tokens according to their Time Sequence Ranking. The faster you move, the more bounty you get
  • Rewards will be automatically delivered to their app wallet when you signup using the same email address and you are free to withdraw and trade, or use SDD (in-game token) to upgrade AI Watch NFT.
  • CHILL have interesting daily and monthly tasks with scientifically proven efficiency. Improve your life through AI fitness & Earn. Share your healthy lifestyle with crypto friends on Web3.





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