Black Phoenix – Claim free BPX tokens

Black Phoenix, Step by step guide to get free BPX tokens airdrop

Black Phoenix Airdrop - Claim free BPX tokens

Black Phoenix is based Tron Blockchain Token, with high security, low fees, and fast transaction.

The purpose of Phoenix in the name of Currency is that this bird is unique and BPX want to be unique as its Color in Crypto World. To be more effective in market will be grown as there plans and take its place, bright future ahead , and the goal is make you a major investor in digital currency market. The Phoenix Can fly through the crypto world to conquer the target prices, goal is to grab a lot of profit for new and also elder users in the crypto currency market and for that needs holders that can grow up. Black Phoenix is a cryptocurrency with capacity of transform newcomer to the advanced users and bring profits for its HOLDERS as much as they holding it.

Step by Step Guide

1. Start chat with Black Phoenix Airdrop Bot:

2. Pass the Captcha and choose language.

3. Join Black Phoenix Telegram Channel and Telegram Group.

4. Follow Black Phoenix on Twitter.

5. Submit your TRX wallet address and other details to the Bot.

6. Invite your friends to increase your chance of winning.

7. Top 50 Users with most referrals will receive 25,500,000 BPX tokens (1 to 15 each one earn 1,000,000 BPX tokens and 16 to 50 each person earns 300,000 BPX tokens). For every successful referral,

you will earn 5 BPX tokens each, with every 3 referrals participants are able to make a withdrawal.

8. Rewards for top referrals will be made after reaching 50,000 wallets.

9. The bot will automatically pay out participants right away.



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