Ayoken Airdrop – Claim free $AYO tokens

Ayoken Airdrop prize pool is worth $5,000 of $AYO tokens for 100 random lucky winners.

Ayoken is a digital NFT marketplace that allows musicians, influencers and creators to connect to global audiences to sell their digital works.

Ayoken users are rewarded with $AYO tokens every time they refer a new user, purchase a digital collectible, or engage in competitions. This directly rewards users for the value they contribute to the ecosystem’s growth.

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Step by Step Guide Ayoken Airdrop

1. Start the Ayoken Airdrop Telegram Bot

2. Follow @AyokenLabs on Twitter

3. Like, Comment and Retweet the pinned post and @tag 3 friends with #ayoken #ayokenlabs #nft

4. Join Ayoken on Telegram Channel & Group, and Discord

5. Share your referral link and get more chances to win

6. Submit your Avalanche Wallet address ($AVAX)

* 100 random lucky winners will get $50 worth of $AYO tokens Each





End Date: 30th September, 2022

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