Armaldia Airdrop – Claim free 30 Land plot NFTs

Armaldia NFT Airdrop prize pool is worth 30 Land plot NFTs for 30 lucky winners

Armaldia is an economic Play2Earn NFT MMO game built on the BSC with a unique universe which is based on a War between two factions – Hitech & Wild Magic. It is a city builder genre game, but the first of its kind, because it has infinite expansion. The game allows you to own land, construct buildings, produce resources, buy, sell and trade. Still, the main attraction is WAR! Choose your faction, go to war and get rewards.

Armaldia universe is composed of 198,000 Land plots, which can be purchased as an NFT. You will build an economy on your land, which will be used to go to WAR and Earn crypto and NFT by playing. Armaldia is featured on

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Step by step Guide Armaldia Airdrop

1. Login to the Armaldia NFT Airdrop Gleam page

2. Follow @ArmaldiaGame & @HolyMarkets & @Blackchaingame & @AlfProtocol & @StadaPro on Twitter + RT

3. Join Armaldia & ALF Protocol & HolyGrailMarkets & xblackchain & STakeada on Discord

4. Join Armaldia & ALF Protocol & HolyGrailMarkets & xblackchain & STakeada on Telegram

5. Visit + Learn NFT Landowner Benefits & Sign up for the Newsletter

6. Visit Armaldia on YouTube & Watch the Armaldia Trailer on Vimeo

7. Complete extra tasks & Invite friends to increase your chances of winning

* 30 random lucky winners will receive a Land plot NFT worth ~$199 USDT each.

The War for Armaldia has begun, in war, no one is right, own, build, trade, fight! Become a Virtual Armaldia Land NFT Owner. Limited lands.






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